“Bits and bobbles” is a weekly, curated list of cool things I’ve seen people making on the Internet.

1. Nootropics

People already take caffeine to stay alert. Why stop there? This guy find out whether off the shelf, mind-altering drugs can improve your personality and intelligence.

2. Puzzlescript

Puzzlescript lets you create full-featured 2D games in a 100% declarative way. This isn’t your grandfather’s logic programming language.

3. Acme Text Editor

Acme is a text editor where all text is UI and all UI is text. This means you can write scripts to generate GUIs to help you write scripts. Invented by Rob Pike, the same guy who created Golang.

4. Bullet Journal

One problem with being a hipster is you can’t Ctrl-F in your Moleskine. The “Bullet Journal” method of notetaking tries to solve this problem without Post-It notes and color coding.